Rose Guide to End Times Prophecy

What is the Only Way to Make End-Times Prophecies
Easy to Understand?

Why you must know different ways to explain the Bible.

Here's a quick Bible prophecy quiz that could make a dramatic impact on your confidence in approaching End-Times topics. Answer these 5 questions:

Do you want to understand the key points of biblical prophecy?

Do you want to cut through the confusion about the rapture, tribulation, 666, and millennium?

Do you want to be the calm voice of reason when people around you are spouting wacky new predictions?

Do you want to have confidence when discussing the end times?

Do you want to have explanations that are firmly based on the Bible when news events grab the headlines?

Do you want to explain different ways Christians interpret the Book of Revelation, including the possible interpretations of the number 666, the beast, the millennium, and the Antichrist?

If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is this:

You Can Understand End-Times Prophecies — and Discuss Them Intelligently with the specialized information shown below. You can have a good grasp on the different Christian views of the end times. And you can discuss them clearly and intelligently with anyone.

"I like the Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy because it levels the playing field. It shows options of how to interpret prophecies in the Bible rather than saying, 'This is the only way Christians believe.' It has a balanced approach, which is better for small group study. It just lays out the facts of how Christians over the centuries have understood these passages." —Glen

Rather than avoiding the topic, or taking wild guesses, you can have a solid understanding of the key issues.

"The explanations and diagrams in this book make the Bible passages clear.... Stunning art and fantastic side-by-side comparison charts. It's good to survey what Bible scholars think about each Bible verse, rather than having just one viewpoint pushed on you." —Gene

Know What You Believe about the End Times

Whether you are a new Christian, a seasoned Bible teacher, a professor, a media professional, or even a skeptic, this book will literally revolutionize your thinking and approach to biblical prophecies.

For 2000 years people have wondered when Jesus will return. Great Bible scholars of centuries past have held very clear views. Most people don't know these fascinating views because today's books and TV shows present one view. And people automatically think that there is only one. No one has ever told them there are several possible options.

And that's a shame because —
  • people want to be well-informed.
  • they want to know what the Bible says and how Christians have explained it.
  • they want to know the main differences and avoid being embarrassed by public predictions that don't come true.
  • they want to know all of the major views that are based on the Bible.

They want to make up their own minds!

"Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy gave me choices. It showed the different ways of understanding the Book of Daniel and Revelation. And it helped me know what each viewpoint really teaches. A lot of people know a little bit of a view, but they don't understand all the rest of the beliefs that go along with that view." —Gretchen
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So where can you find a simple comparison and explanation of these biblical views?

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones has written an easy-to-understand explanation of Christian views, the Rose Guide to End Times Prophecies. This book was written for people who want to know the differences . . . people who want to take a good look at the Bible, and make their own choice.

When you read Rose Guide to End Times Prophecies, you will know different ways of understanding—
  • 4 different ways of looking at the visions and dreams in the Bible.
  • 3 views of the Israel and the Promised Land.
  • King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and Daniel's vision of the beasts.
  • the mysterious 70 weeks in Daniel.
You will also
  • understand 3 Views of the Rapture and Christ's Return.
  • know the meaning of the Whore of Babylon, and what cities "Babylon" might refer to.
  • learn the reasons that the people of Jesus' time rejected him, even though they knew the prophecies.
"This book has fantastic art and diagrams. I like the way the author explains the prophecies. I can give this book to anyone—not just Bible scholars—and they can read and understand the concepts. —John
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In the media people are constantly discussing these topics, and you will—

  • know different ways of interpreting the fascinating numbers in the Bible: 666, the 144,000 virgins, the 1000 year reign of Christ (the Millennium), the 12 tribes, the 24 elders, the "seventy sevens," and more.
  • find out why the Bible forbids date setting.
  • learn about earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars and what they mean.
  • discover 14 people who've been accused of being the Anti-Christ and why.
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"You will know what you believe."

Ever since Jesus announced he was coming back one day, people have tried to figure out when that would happen. They search the Scriptures looking for information on end-times events, and discover that some of it is hard to understand. They get caught up in the lists of angels, seals, trumpets, visions, and very strange beasts.

The sad fact is that some people give up and just accept the way their friends explain it. Many people go with the teachings of a particular pastor or teacher because they think he has specific Bible knowledge — but sometimes they are sadly mistaken.

"A lot of people have opinions based on their own study, but few pastors and teachers have mastered this topic like Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. He has studied the great Christian theologians and 2000 years of Christian history on this topic. He is familiar with all of the different ways of interpreting these Bible verses, and he can confidently compare the pros and cons of each view. If you are hearing only one view, you owe it to yourself to know the rest." —Gretchen Goldsmith

Pastors agree...

"For decades, Christians have taken one side or another in the interpretation of the Bible's future events. I like the ‘different views' approach because it allows believers to think and decide for themselves. Timothy's work avoids speculative extremes and helps us understand end-times prophecy from start to finish. I love the charts, diagrams, and pictures!"
Dr. Hal Seed -- founding pastor, New Song Community Church, author of Future History: Understanding the Book of Daniel and End Times Prophecy
"There's a lot of humor in the book (especially the section listing people who've been accused of being the Antichrist over the past 2000 years—and why). This appeals to a younger generation of people who like good graphics and who want to see all of the viewpoints on an issue."
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CASE STUDY: While surfing the web, a woman read a hostile comment from a university professor who was mocking Christians and the end times. The woman knew that his information was incorrect and she was able to clearly explain the Bible passage to him, and even offer some alternative views. She ended up convincing the professor that Christians were intelligent about the subject, not all were weird and wild-eyed.

3 Critical Lessons

  1. Unbelievers and skeptics are open to hearing about the End Times, if you are well informed and objective.
  2. Having confidence and being able to discuss prophecies intelligently affects how other people behave and react.
  3. Christians agree on several major points about the Second Coming of Christ. They might disagree with the minute details, but they have a lot in common and can have unity.
"This book is amazing! Even if you already know exactly what you believe about the End Times, you owe it to yourself to be familiar with the other ways of understanding these Bible passages."

Why Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecies is unlike any other book available on the market:

  1. It's the only book specializing in showing a comparison of end-times views specifically for the average person who wants information written by a scholar.
  2. It features easy-to-understand diagrams and charts with a step-by-step explanation of their history and meaning from start to finish.
  3. It shows only the views that have biblical support, and gives you the Scripture reference behind each belief.
  4. It helps you learn how to be confident, yet humble, in your approach to the end times. It will help you persuade people to learn more about Jesus Christ and his Second Coming. Some books have a know-it-all tone that turns people off. But this book teaches you to approach the topic with respect and openness.
  5. Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy is an encapsulation of the best material Dr. Jones has taught in churches and seminary for the past 20 years. Now you can have it all in one 364-page information-packed book and can learn at your own pace.
  6. This guide is perfect as a textbook. If you are a professor, you will appreciate the extensively annotated text with well-supported arguments including 184 endnotes. You will get a detailed analysis of how different people understand the complex issues involved in the study of the end times. Yet the book is easy to comprehend and your students will keep it long after the class is over.
  7. Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy will show you the major mistakes people have made when trying to predict the exact date of the end.
"When you have a lot of people like Harold Camping stirring up trouble, causing people to throw away their retirement money on billboards, it's good to have a book that comes from a responsible and reasonable Christian view."
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Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy
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Timothy Paul Jones

Award-winning author Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2010 he won the ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award for Christian History Made Easy. Jones was named by Charles Colson as one of the four "Names You need to Know."
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